Ivemark Syndrome Case Diagnosed in Neonatal Period

Ivemark Syndrome



Asplenia, Atrial Isomerism, Congenital Heart Disease, Ivemark Syndrome.


Ivemark syndrome is a rare syndrome that results from the distortion of left-right axis orientation during early internal thoraco-abdominal embryonic development. Cardiac defects are an important component of Ivemark syndrome and are closely related to prognosis. In this article, a 5-day case diagnosed with Ivemark syndrome with echocardiographic findings is described and it is aimed to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis.


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Duymus, F., Sert, A., Konak, M., & Oc, M. A. H. (2021). Ivemark Syndrome Case Diagnosed in Neonatal Period: Ivemark Syndrome . Chronicles of Precision Medical Researchers, 1(2), 67–69. Retrieved from https://chronpmr.com/index.php/cpmr/article/view/31