Evaluation of COVID-19 vaccination in healthcare professionals





COVID-19, Inactive vaccine, healthcare workers


Background: Vaccination is one of the most successful and cost-effective healthcare initiatives for preventing infectious diseases, and vaccines are of exceptional importance to control and prevent COVID-19.

Objectives: In our study, the results of the COVID-19 vaccine applications, which started in healthcare workers after determining the priority groups, were evaluated.

Design and Setting: The study population, which was planned as a retrospective cohort study, consists of healthcare professionals working in Kayseri city center.

Methods: 24.421 healthcare workers from file records were included in this study. This study consists of two independent phases. Only the retrospective registry was not scanned, and the demographic information, vaccination status, and source case information of the healthcare workers who were found positive were questioned by phone.

Results: The rates of PCR (+) healthcare workers in the pre-vaccination period were 5.96% and 2.53% in the post-vaccination period. Considering the vaccination status of all healthcare workers, 5.14% of the unvaccinated ones were found to be PCR (+), while 2.04% of those vaccinated were PCR (+) (p<0.001).

Conclusions: The infection protection rate of the inactivated vaccine administered to healthcare workers was found to be 52.86% in the field. In our study evaluating the inactive CoronaVac vaccine, it is seen that the vaccine will strengthen us in the fight against the epidemic and can be preferred among the current vaccine options in line with the data obtained.


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