The role of biomarkers in the differentiation of acute pancreatitis from chronic pancreatitis

The role of biomarkers in the pancreatitis


  • Meltem Gümüş TC



biomarker, chıld, pancreatitis, INSPPIRE Criteria, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis



Introduction: The objective of this study was to develop biomarkers that can be used to forecast the subsequent development of chronic pancreatitis in patients who experienced acute pancreatitis during childhood.

Material-Method: From 2011 to December 2023, a total of 156 pediatric patients with pancreatitis (129 with acute pancreatitis and 27 with chronic pancreatitis) were assessed at the Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic of XX University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, following the criteria established by INSPPIRE.

Results: Among the patients, 85 (54.48%) were female and 71 (45.52%) were male. The F/M ratio was calculated to be 1.19. The ROC analysis of pancreatitis types revealed that the following factors were statistically significant: Albumin/CRP, 48th hour amylase and lipase levels, Prognostic Nutrition Index, Albumin/amylase ratio, and albumin levels upon admission to the hospital.

Conclusion: The prevalence of pancreatitis has shown an upward trend in recent times. The symptoms presented by patients seeking admission for pancreatitis may differ based on their age group. To arrive at a diagnosis, it is imperative to first suspect the presence of the disease. The establishment of standardized approaches for the early diagnosis and treatment of patients, along with their implementation, will not only enhance the prognosis but also prevent potential complications. Further research in the field of pediatrics is warranted in order to devise a scoring system applicable to the pediatric age group and identify the most efficacious treatment modalities.



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