Evaluation of placental elasticity in fetuses with single umblical artery

Evaluation of placental elasticity in fetuses with single umblical artery





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Aim: In this study, we aimed to figure out whether there were differences in placental Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) data between isolated instances with a single umbilical artery and pregnancies with healthy pregnancies.
Material and methods: For placental Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) measurements, the study used a Samsung RS80A Prestige 2014 instrument. Fetal biometry, placental assessment, and amniotic fluid analysis were all covered by ultrasound examinations. To lessen the influence of fetal movement, placental SWE values were collected from the thickest non-cord insertion region. The examination included two SWE measurements in each of the three placental portions (inner, middle, and outside). The Thermal and Mechanical Index values were kept under control.
Results: 44 patients were examined in the study, equally divided by the number of umbilical arteries. Biometric measurements and patient characteristics were noted. In terms of sociodemographic characteristics or health, there were no appreciable differences between groups. Shear Wave parameters didn't differ significantly. Notably, placental thickness and Shear Wave Max (SWM) had a negative correlation while fetal weight and Shear Wave Mean (SWF) had a positive correlation. Within the Shear Wave parameters, there were positive correlations.
Conclusion: In terms of sociodemographic characteristics or health, there were no appreciable differences between groups. Notably, placental thickness and SWM had a negative correlation, while fetal weight and SWF had a positive correlation. Within the Shear Wave parameters, there were positive correlations


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